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NEW Self-Build Off-Plan Mortgages in Turkey -
Create Your Dream Home!

NEW Self-Build Off-Plan Mortgages in Turkey

Create Your Dream Home!

Our specialist Turkish finance partners are very pleased to introduce the first off-plan self-build mortgage in Turkey. The product enables a lifestyle investor to use 20 year mortgage finance for the land purchase and construction of the ultimate dream home, over a one or two year build cycle. “Turkish mortgage legislation is very specific, so we are very pleased to have succeeded with the bundling of services and development of this product, enabling lifestyle investors to finance a £1-2 million estate for a build cost equivalent to roughly half the price of a one bed flat in Mayfair -  an obviously enticing investment proposition.” 

Our specialist Turkish finance partners are now providing Pre-Packaged Preferential Payment Plans that allow you to finance the construction of palatial luxury villas designed to your own personal requirements…. Four to six bedroom, 4 bath villas finished in in the warm soft hues of natural marble and stone block, with one or two pools and large private walled gardens replete with arboriums typically can be achieved for between GBP 200,000 and GBP 350,000 and can be offered with two year rental guarantees secured by tourism company rental revenues managed by tourism companies, which are far more secure than rental guarantees provided by constructors and developers….


Relatively low construction costs in Turkey make it possible to own a top bracket luxury home for a fraction of the acquisition cost elsewhere.

For example, a palatial villa with a 250 m2 floor plan will have a land + construction cost of about half the price of a one bedroom 60 m2 flat in central London.

Provided the design and location are right, these type of villas can generate a gross rental yield of 14-18% for the April to October season, and perhaps more if located near an all year golf resort development. In order to achieve these rental yields, the key to success lies in the specific details -  specific rental management, specific floor plan and plot design, and specific location.

For those with a penchant for the ultimate in both Interior and exterior finishing quality, the range of choice is unsurpassed. Superb artisan craftsmanship in wood and stone work is abundant to compliment exceptional design skills in the best tradition of the Sultans - imported Italian, French, or Istanbul chic.  Turkey has long been a sought after treasury of rare marbles, ceramics, and metals for foreign markets, and the available choice would not disappoint a creative Italian designer's most extravagant ambitions.

For anyone satisfied with nothing less than an exceptional life-style standard, Turkey is one of the best kept secrets, and one of the most desirable locations anywhere in the world. Those in the know, include  many from the ranks of the rich and famous, enjoying discreet privacy in select locations  all along the Turkish Riviera. And why not? This coast line has been the idyllic home of innumerable civilisations since the dawn of time for very good reason, as anyone who has ever visited will attest to.

The rugged and lush green mountainous terrain, and endless small turquoise coves, make this coast line perhaps the best hide-away anywhere - which shouldn't come as surprise considering the history of piracy since ancient times. Never-the-less, the casual observer is inevitably surprised by the number of £2-10 million estates snuggled  discretely out of sight and sound, so well concealed as they are.



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