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Contributing factors to successful rentals

With the increasing availability of internet flight bookings which offer flexibility and are often more economical, many people are rejecting traditional package holidays and putting together packages to suit their individual needs. .

* The proximity of the airport – Side and Belek are both less than an hour from the international airport of Antalya. Flights and transfers are easy to arrange to and from Europe. The airport itself is modern comfortable, a large duty free shopping area and two runways.

* The frequency of flights . There are all year round charter and scheduled flights into Antalya and the number of these continues to increase every year.

* The location . The Antalya area has the advantage of being an established holiday destination with approximately 300 sunshine filled days every year and the international golf resorts of Belek including those designed by Nick Faldo and Colin Montgomery, on the doorstep, where property values are likely to increase over the long term. Skiing – Turkey boasts two ski resorts within an hour of Antalya's historical wonders – from your doorstep to the furthest corner you will find part of the past, the remains of many civilizations. Nine locations in Turkey have been registered on the world heritage list.

* The proximity to the beach and to the centre of the resort .

* The resort facilities – are they suitable for the type of clientel you are appealing to?

* The type of clientele you wish to attract to your property, for instance, families, golfers or single young people – facilities of the apartment and complex should be suitable.

* The complex facilities . Facilities on offer to rentors – the pool, parks, bar and restaurants. If there is a pool, check how many months of the year this facility is open. Many pools open in April/May and close by mid October. Careful planning will ensure that clients will choose your accommodation over others on offer.

* Security . Will rentors be able to stay stress free? Do doors have locks on them, is there a safe?. Does the property have bars/shutters on the windows if it is a ground floor property. The installation of an external light which alarm which reacts to human movement. is a good investment to deter intruders.

* Insurance . You will need contents and rentors/liability insurance. It is important to stress to clients that they should take out individual holiday insurance. (This should be clearly stated in the initial booking contract). See below

* Cleaning and maintenance service . Prepare an inventory which will be checked by a management company with copies for yourselves and the company and rentors. Beware of wear and tear and breakages. The property will need regular cleaning and maintenance. Furnish with simple and functional pieces

The ‘happy factor' for your rentors. Our agents can provide all of the above services, including excellent legal advice, cleaning services, furniture packages, insurance, and letting services.


INCOME TAX LAWS – maybe you should be making an annual declaration of income/expenses and paying tax on any profit earned. The UK has a double taxation treaty with Turkey which means you won't pay twice. You should still however declare income earned, any tax already paid and then pay any difference. If you are planning to spend a long time abroad, check for any variances in taxation for residents and non residents as this could be advantageous for you.

Complaints are usually a result of unrealistic expectations which have resulted because of
1) misleading details in the advertising,
2) poor communication,
3) the cleanliness of the property.

These basic problems can be avoided if you use
1) a clear description in your advert which is accurate and up to date,
2) let rentors know in advance of any changes that may affect them during their stay eg. The air conditioning in a bedroom doesn't work,
3) employ a management service who will arrange cleaning to your required standard.

When you receive a complaint, put yourself in the rentor's shoes, be helpful , fair and reasonable, it may be impossible to please some people but maybe they have a valid point if you have received several complaints about the same thing. Changes may be necessary either in the services or work/purchase for the house.

If you are considering buying a property as a rental investment, Do contact us for no obligation, friendly advice


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