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Buying Investment Property In Turkey - Off Plan

Many U.K citizens have found that the best way to see their Turkish investment property appreciate quickly is to buy off plan.
Buying off plan investment property in Turkey gives you the best opportunity to purchase your investment property at the lowest possible price, and it puts you in the position to profit from near record-level capital appreciation as the development begins to near completion and other investors and buyers begin to realise the actual resale value of a brand new property.

Appreciation as high as 20% or more is not unusual for those who purchase off plan as opposed to single-digit appreciation typically experienced by people who wait to buy until the development is completed.

You get the best prices for your off plan investment property in Turkey because the property developers are eager to recover some of their development costs and increase their cash flow.
In return for your not being able to see the actual property, and to compensate you for the development time wait, these developers frequently offer their Turkish investment properties at prices substantially below what the market will bear once the development is completed.

Another advantage of buying of plan is that you can usually negotiate stage payments with the developer so you don't tie up 100% of your capital until the Turkish investment property is turned over to you.
You'll also enjoy the fact that it's usually possible to choose your fixings such as tile colours, appliances, kitchen amenities and other custom features.

You do need a certail amount of imagination when buying off plan, often you will be shown the plot with little or no construction even started, you choose your property from 3D computer generated images.
It is not for the faint hearted, but if you are lucky you may get to see a show home which will give you an idea of the sort of property you are buying.

Your best strategy for buying off plan investment property in Turkey is to concentrate on one of Turkey's larger resort destinations such as Side, Bodrum or Marmaris.
Side is perfectly located just under an hour away from Antalya airport (the only airport open year round for charter flights) on a penninsula and between two of the finest beaches in Turkey.

With buildings dating back to the second century, and ruins dating back to the Roman occupation, Side is an exciting mixture of history and tomorrow.
There's plenty of night life, great restaurants, and the streets are overflowing with shops and bazaars that cater to the year-round tourism trade.
Perhaps it's because Side is so exciting, and so convenient to get to, that property prices have appreciated by as much as 50% in the last year alone, and all signs point to the same thing happening again this year.

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It's rare that an opportunity to participate in an exploding property market comes with as much advance warning of potential profit possibilities as those that are available when you purchase investment property in Turkey.

Don't wait until it's too late.

Get your own Turkish investment property now.




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