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Getting the most from your rented property

You can of course use a recommended rental company but in order to maximise your profit it is best to look at all your options which include:

* Word of mouth the best form of advertising. Tell your estate agent, family, friends and work colleagues about the property. These people will be the first to tell you what's missing in your property so it's a good learning process to rent to them to start with.

* Advertising at work , gyms, cafes and clubs where you are a member. Maybe a poster or card on their notice boards.

* Advertise locally in the newspapers/magazines. Advertise with postcards/posters to be used at local newsagents, supermarkets, gyms, community centres, clubs notice boards. Write a simple text with description, a photo and contact details.

* Advertise on line Open your own website, where there will be 1,000s of holidaymakers searching for a property every day.

* Create some business cards these can be done very cheaply yourself online and are very useful for going out to anyone interested from the airport to a dinner.

* Speak to your neighbours , maybe they have friends or customers who are visiting and can help with notice boards.

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