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Property News >Dalaman - The New Turkish Investment Hot Spot

Dalaman, Turkey is quickly becoming a hot bed of real estate investment.
There are several factors contributing to its success including:

• Location - 5 mins from expanding Airport
• Development of tourism infrastructure - Marina and Golf course planned
• Change in mortgage laws soon to be in place

All of these aspects are combining to drastically increase Dalaman's property prices.



This beautiful coastal town in Turkey is situated on the Mediterranean and is known as the gateway to the Turquoise Coast.

Dont just drive by...
Most visitors arrive at the now newly expanded international airport just outside the town and drive straight through on their transfer coaches on their way to other resorts.
It is definitely worth stopping as Dalaman is one the few up and coming resorts left in Turkey.


Dalaman is a delightful and beautiful town due to its white sand and crystal blue waters, more that half of the land is engulfed in lush, beautiful forests.
Around Dalaman, one can find Lycian rock tombs, gorgeous bougainvillea, thermal baths and stunning beaches with turquoise waters.

All of these unique characteristics are coming together to drive up property value in Dalaman, Turkey.

Development of tourism infrastructure
Turkey in general has experienced an increase in annual tourism.
Dalaman is no exception to this rule and has seen a steady increase of annual tourism in recent years.

The Turkish government has expressed a commitment to taking the tourism industry even farther than it has already come by improving the Dalaman infrastructure.

The improvements include an expanded international airport, a golf course, and three marinas.
These improvements are just beginning, so the price of real estate has not been impacted at this point.

However, you can be assured that once these developments are completed, real estate prices will begin a rapid ascent.

Therefore, now is the perfect time to invest in property in Dalaman, Turkey.
Prices are low now but will rise as tourism continues to increase and the planned tourist developments take shape and come into completion.

Change in mortgage laws
A third issue that makes Dalaman, Turkey an excellent real estate investment is the forecasted change in Turkey regarding mortgages.
Soon, the law will change, clearing the way for more mortgage facilities to become available.

Once the mortgage facilities are available, property values will again see an increase.
So, now is the time to invest before these changes occur.

According to investment experts, Dalaman's beach front property will be appreciating greatly within the next two to three years.
Expect returns of one hundred percent on anything purchased now

In closing, if you are interested in investing internationally in real estate, looking further into Dalaman, is a must.
This area is ripe for a property boom and will not disappoint.
Because property prices are increasing at such a steady pace, be sure to investigate this opportunity as soon as possible.


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