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Property Inspection Trips to Turkey

We can offer inspection trips to view any of our properties in all areas of the Turkish Riviera.

Terms for each area may vary slightly, as we have different representatives in different towns, But generally:

1. You book your own flight to the nearest airport of the area you want to visit (Check our flights page for a map showing airport locations)

2. Let us know your flight details

3. Our representatives will pick you up from the airport and take you to your accomodation

4. At a time to suit you our representative will take you to their office and decide on a portfolio that suits your needs

5. Then you will be taken to see all the properties you wish to and get a feel for the local area

6. Should you decide to buy, all the necessary paperwork can be completed within hours, but you will need a working day to complete this on.

* None of our representative operate high pressure sales tactics

* We do not offer £49 inspection trips

These are usually one developer showing only their developments and often employ high pressure tactics, we prefer to offer our customers an overview of the whole property market and a variety of properties so that you can make an informed choice. Buying a property is a huge decision and financial outlay and you must not be pressured into buying.

IF you should decide to buy through one of our representatives, you will usually get the cost of your acommodation and/or transfers refunded to you.
Some of our agents will also refund the cost of your flights aswell.
It is a good idea if you are serious about buying to have deposit money either on you or easily accessible through bank accounts or credit cards.

One word of warning - Please be very cautious about buying property through anybody other than a registered Emlak (Estate Agent). You will no doubt meet many 'friendly' turkish waiters/barmen/etc..who know of a really cheap property etc.. Please do not buy property through these people, however much you think you trust them, you will have no come back when things go wrong. We have heard many many horror stories of supposed turkish friends/waiters/etc ripping off unsuspecting foreigners, so please stick to the golden rule.

So if you are serious about buying a property in Turkey, Please click here to contact us so we can help arrange your inspection trip



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